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Visual journal book cover

Visual Journal Book Cover Project

Teach your students about book cover design and wrap up your visual journal project with this visual journal book cover project.

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4 End of Term High School Art Class Ideas

Read 4 tips to make life less chaotic at the end of your middle or high school art classes.

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Colored Pencil Portrait

Learn what techniques I use to create a colored pencil portrait and how I teach this lesson to high schoolers. Part of the organization The Memory Project.

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Portrait Painting Project Tips & Tricks

Check out my high school self-portrait project. Learn about my struggles with portraiture and the tools I use to teach my students.

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TPT: Principles of Design Worksheet Pack

Check out one of my most popular art education activities, my principles of design worksheet pack. Easy to print, implement, and engage.

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Art Lesson: Collaborative Relief

A lesson about a collaborative relief sculpture project. Supplies and how to included. Learn how to implement this project in your classroom!

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