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Creating an Introduction to Art Curriculum

Designing an introduction to art curriculum takes time and effort. I recently shared a blog post on creating a middle school art curriculum and an elementary art curriculum, check it out if you need inspiration for younger students. I typically use the elements of art and principles of design as I develop art classes for…

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Art Lessons: Clay Project Ideas

I love teaching clay, but it can be challenging and stressful to teach. If you feel intimidated or unsure about how to introduce clay in your classroom, check out my clay project ideas below. SCAFFOLDING TECHNIQUES The key to making any art project a success is scaffolding techniques. Students need to build understanding and confidence…

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AI Art Project & AI in the Classroom

AI technology has been top of mind for just about everyone. It has exciting (and scary) possibilities across all fields and in education. For teachers, there are so many uses for AI from helping to write diplomatic emails to parents to developing project ideas. There are so many ways to use AI to make your…

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Designing a Middle School Art Curriculum

I have designed many art curriculums in my time teaching and developing art lessons. Middle school can be a tough level to plan for. When developing a middle school curriculum you need to build off of techniques taught in elementary art classes and prepare them for high school art classes. You also have to take…

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Intro to Design Project: Water Bottle Design

One of the first design projects I teach in my Introduction to Design class is designing a water bottle. With the Stanley cup craze currently going on this is a topical, engaging way to get students interested in design. It’s simple enough to teach students the basics of Adobe Illustrator or Vectr while creating a…

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Mixed media art ideas

Mixed Media Art Ideas in K-12

Mixed media is a work of art that uses more than one medium. It has always been my favorite form of art to create and teach. I’ve always had an attention deficit edge in my artmaking, jumping from one style to another, one medium to another. Mixed media allows me to bring these interests into…

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