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  1. Shannon,
    If you are a first year teacher this project is your god send!! I am in my third year and this is always my go to project. At the beginning of the year I have my students bring in old books and I show them a powerpoint about visual journals (I will e-mail it to your attached e-mail!). Every Friday they work in their journal, which is like a free art day for them, a no plan day for you! Since kids work at different levels if I ever have a student who finished an assignment early I tell them to get out their journal, it’s a great filler! To be honest the product varies greatly from student to student. Some of their journals end up looking bad, they will just cut out and glue down images. I try to encourage them to experiment… but not all of them take my advice. A lot of them look amazing and everyone loves this project. I grade them on participation, rather than the actual look of their pages. I think this gives them the freedom to try new things without worrying it will fail and they will get a bad grade. I require a page a week to be completed, and as long as they have that done they will get a 100. I grade them 50/50 at the end of Fall and Spring semester. I will e-mail you the powerpoint, it has student examples in it as well. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

  2. I’m so glad you found the post, I LOVE your edible art! Chessia Kelley actually contacted me a few weeks ago about doing a post about your work. She provided the basic information and the pictures, and I filled in the gaps! I think it’s amazing that you have followed up your edible art with a cookbook. A suggestion I had to increase traffic on the post about your work is to do a giveaway at the end of this month (or next month) of a copy of your cookbook. I do monthly giveaways for readers and always get a lot of traffic through them. I would link back to the original post and to your website. Let me know if you are interested and able to send me a copy of your cook book.

    I wish I could go to MOMA right this minute! I am a high school art teacher and do an Oldenberg assignment every year, I love his work. Good luck with your future edible art projects and work at the Cafe!

  3. LOVE the Alice in Wonderland tea set you made. I have a friend using this theme in her wedding. Was wondering if you could/would make this set for me to purchase? I would love to give her a handmade piece SO beautiful as this. Is this something that interest you? What would be the cost? Please respond to me with any information. Looking forward to hearing from you,

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, you are so sweet! At this point in time I don’t have the means to make another set, and I would have to charge an arm and a leg for it since it took so long to make. If you are interested in a different type of Alice and wonderland themed gift I could do a set of encaustic panels with silhouettes of the characters or items that represent the theme (ie teapot, teacup, hat, etc.). I would be happy to set up a personalized listing on Etsy if you are interested, and if you purchase more than one the price reduces. here is a link to my etsy with examples of my silhouette encaustics. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    1. I appreciate your feedback. The main section of the page is pulled from an Illustrator’s work from a magazine, but it’s collaged together to create another image. 99% of the time I change work pulled from magazines, online, etc. at least 50% so I am more able to call it my own. This image definitely walks that line. While I did add the branch, grass, dashed lines, text, and pulled the cut outs together in a new way, I recognize the fact that the focus is someone else’s artwork; which is why I started the explanation of this by saying this artwork is from a SCAD catalog.

      I think no creativity needed it debatable, but you aren’t alone in questioning collage work. To each their own. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  4. Hi im in love with your amazing art. I wanted to know if you could make One for sale. ?. I love one of a kind, and so beautiful. Please let me know, yo are so talented.



  5. I have been looking for some inspiration for my Art GCSE. This is my favourite so far. The piece caged got my attention and I created a transcription of it for my portfolio. I have to make a written piece work about you and the painting. I was delighted when I read your blog and I was wondering if you could help me.

    I will be looking forward for your reply.

    1. Thanks for your interest Nicky! Unfortunately, this was made for my niece. I do a lot of custom orders through my Etsy shop, Sweet Celadon. If you are ever interested in pricing out a piece, send me a message through there.

  6. Hello, I am an art GCSE student and I fell in love with your art work. I’ve some question that I would like to ask. Why do you do what you do and what has inspired you to do that?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I do my artwork because it is what I love to do. I have a need to express myself creatively and I love exploring new ways of doing that. I have fallen into a few different types of art, mostly journaling, ceramics, and encaustic at the moment. I enjoy trying new things, I get bored sticking with the same material. My Mom inspired me to pursue art. She was an art teacher and working artist in her spare time. She was always supportive and encouraging of my interest in art and my plan to pursue an art college degree. My current work is inspired by people’s relationship to objects. How these inanimate objects can hold memories, experiences, and emotions. I was inspired to do this after one of my good friends got a tattoo of a chair that belonged to her grandmother. I was so intrigued by the amount of emotional weight she put on this piece of furniture.

      I hope that answers your questions! Let me know if you have any others. Good luck with your future in art! It is the best feeling to do what you love.

  7. I am very interested in purchasing a bud vase (either wood grain or hydrangea) for a Parisian friend who lived in GA (went to UGA) for awhile years back. We will be flying to visit her SOON and I was wondering if getting one prior to that is even possible. Thanks so much for your prompt response!

  8. Hey, Whitney
    I have purchased you Intro to Art Curriculum and I am doing the shading lesson with my students, however, I noticed that you have a couple of lessons for sale separately that I do not have in my yearlong curriculum. I was wondering if they will be included in your future Drawing bundle that I saw you were working on? The ones I like but wonder if there is a bundle are: Charcoal Drapery Drawing Project: Introduction to Charcoal and Art Basics, Drawing a Modern, Personalized Still Life: High School Drawing Project, Metaphorical Self Portrait Drawing Lesson: Mixed Media Visual Art, HS or MS, Hatch, Cross Hatch, Stippling, Blending, & Scribbling: Shading Basics & Review,
    Art Shading Basics, Tips and Techniques: Visual Art in Middle or High School
    Art Shading Basics, Tips and Techniques: Visual Art in Middle or High SchoolArt Shading Basics, Tips and Techniques: Visual Art in Middle or High SchoolArt Shading Basics, Tips and Techniques: Visual Art in Middle or High School, and Art Shading Basics, Tips and Techniques: Visual Art in Middle or High School.
    I have also purchased the Advanced Curriculum as well, so far really feel as though it embodies what I have been wanting to teach, all wrapped in a beautiful package.

    1. Natalie, you just made my day! Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my products. Yes, all the lessons you listed are eventually going to be bundled into a drawing curriculum. I would recommend waiting a few weeks on the bundle pack if you think you will use a semester of drawing lessons. I’ve been having a hard time finding enough time to work on TPT products with school starting back. But, I am working hard to get this drawing curriculum up sometime in the beginning of October. I would be happy to let you know when it’s available!

      Thanks for all your support!

      1. Whitney,
        I feel as though we are connected in a small way, I am 25 and have been teaching 4years now, I also have a 7month old and a 2year old. I feel as though the lessons that you have compiled are ones that I have done, wanted to do, or have saved on Pinterest. I thank you for putting everything together so beautifully, I love to be organized but I also love fonts (easy to download than being organized). I will wait patiently for your bundle 🙂
        I should also say that I teach K-12 Art in a small town so my HS classes are like 10 Art I students, 4 Art II students and 2 Art III students (each year-long students) all at the same hour. I feel as though the Intro to Art Bundle is working well with my Art I and the Advanced Art Bundle is working for Art II/III….I am worried how I will separate these next year. I thought that if I had your drawing unit, as well as painting unit that I could supplement those with the Advanced Bundle. I am not sure if that makes any sense but I was wondering your opinion on the units and how you feel they will best mesh when I have three classes at once. I am leaving my upper HS students to work more independently.
        I also know that you are super busy too, so I don’t you to spend a lot of time thinking about my question, I would just like a little advice.

        1. It really does feel like we are living parallel lives. I am having my second in November, my first turns two in November, life is nuts!

          I have actually experienced some of the issues you are talking about. As I grew the 3D program at my school, I had to move assignments around to avoid overlap and figure out my timeline. Since I have moved over to the 2D side of things, we have changed the names of courses from 2D Design I and 2D Design II to Drawing and Painting, which meant I had to establish painting and drawing specific projects while trying to avoid overlap for students who had already completed projects in the previous combined class format. My best advice is to work out your class timeline. Which assignments build on what and how can you introduce techniques in a new way to students who may experience the overlap at the same time as students who have never used the technique. You may have to continue adjusting the projects over the next year or two, but if you set assignments in your Intro courses and build from there, eventually you will figure it out. I have had advanced students grouped into lower level classes in order to make it work in their schedule and it really is tough to balance.

          I hope that made sense and wasn’t just a bunch of gibberish. Good luck! Feel free to continue asking questions!

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