Introduction to DSLR Photography Curriculum: 8 Lessons in 6 Weeks



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Every day millions of digital photographs are uploaded to social media, shared with friends, and moved around the world. So what separates the photographers from the rest? 

Teach students the artistic side of photography and how to take professional-looking photographs, not just snapshots. This bundle pack is full of information to help your students grasp the concept of using a DSLR camera. Students are slowly introduced to different aspects of a digital camera before they put it all together in manual mode.

Through this curriculum, students learn about elements of photography, photography composition, the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and manual mode. In the final lessons, students are given topics to convey through photographs and taught how to take professional-looking portraits.

Included in this bundle pack here: 

  • 7 Lesson plans (including big idea, essential questions, national standards, vocabulary, step-by-step instructions, and more)
  • 8 PowerPoints (and in PDF format)
  • 2 sets of note-taking sheets
  • 1 artist research worksheet
  • 1 Photoshop basics handout
  • 8 activity sheets
  • 8 rubrics
  • 6 critique worksheets
  • 6 critique labels
  • 1 Manual mode cheat sheet handout
  • 6 printable posters

Bring photography out of getting “likes” and back into the world of art by teaching your students how to properly edit their photographs. Separate the taking from the making!

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Interested in the individual lessons that make up this bundle? Check them out below:

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This product was created in collaboration with my amazing friend and coworker, Meagan Brooker. Meagan has taught for many years, with a focus on AP Art, Drawing, and Photography. In addition, she has been responsible for capturing our annual family photographs, maternity, and newborn pictures that I will treasure forever. This girl knows her stuff, and better yet, how to teach it to students.