Art Curriculum for High School with Projects & Lessons


Every day is planned in 5 classes with this curriculum bundle. Including an intro to art curriculum, drawing, painting, advanced, AP© Art curriculum.


Do you need an art curriculum for high school art instruction? Get everything you need to teach every single day of the year in 5 different visual art courses with this comprehensive BUNDLE. That’s 4 years of art projects for high school students where you do not need to plan even a single day! This BUNDLE is perfect for new art teachers looking to bring engaging lessons to their new art class.

With over 2500 pages of art lessons, PowerPoints, handouts, critique sheets, rubrics, and so much more, you can start any 2D based high school visual art job ready to go on the first day of school with this mega bundle! What an easy way to start the year! This high school art curriculum BUNDLE has an introduction to art (year-long), drawing (semester), painting (semester), advanced 2D art (year-long), and AP® Art and Design (year-long) curriculums. This visual art curriculum comes with full units that will have your young artists running to your art studio everyday to learn new art skills!

Included with this art curriculum and art projects for high school BUNDLE: 

⭐️The Introduction to Art file includes:

  • Yearlong timeline
  • Semester long timeline
  • First day items: syllabus bathroom passes, tell me about you sheet, art survey, letter to parents, artist to know table, and behavior contract
  • Art notebook set up: Table of contents and worksheets
  • 21 lesson plans: includes big idea, essential questions, goals, objectives, supplies, vocabulary, step-by-step instructions, national standards
  • 17 rubrics
  • 6 critique worksheets for each art work project
  • 16 PowerPoints
  • 42 worksheets: Includes elements of art , principles of design , visual journal, drawing, color theory, perspective, contour line, and many more.
  • 20 printable posters

⭐️The Drawing Course file includes:

  • Semester long timeline
  • Supply list
  • Syllabus
  • Get to Know you handout
  • 20 student handouts
  • 2 technology tie activities
  • 12 lesson plans
  • 12 PowerPoints
  • 11 rubrics
  • 1 grading checklists
  • 8 critique sheets

⭐️The Painting Course file includes:

  • Semester long timeline
  • Art supplies list
  • Syllabus
  • Get to Know you handout
  • 10 student handouts
  • 1 teacher aid handouts
  • 2 technology tie activities
  • 9 lesson plans
  • 12 PowerPoints
  • 6 rubrics
  • 5 grading checklists
  • 5 critique sheets

⭐️The Advanced 2D Art file includes:

  • Course Syllabus
  • Tell Me About You worksheet
  • Yearlong timeline
  • Supply list for all 14 projects
  • Current year calendar for pacing your course
  • 14 completed projects
  • 10 Lesson plans
  • 9 PowerPoints
  • 4 handouts
  • 2 printable posters
  • 9 sketchbook handouts
  • 8 critique sheets
  • 10 project rubrics for each work of art

⭐️The AP® Art and Design file includes:

  • Spring prep paperwork and applications
  • Summer work
  • 22 homework assignments
  • Course Syllabus
  • Yearlong timeline
  • Yearlong printable calendar
  • Supply list for 14 guided assignments
  • 14 guided assignments for students to select from
  • 16 Lesson plans
  • 16 PowerPoints
  • Self evaluation sheets
  • Artwork checklists
  • Sustained Investigation guidelines and examples
  • Selected works guidelines and examples
  • Submission guidelines
  • AP® Art exhibit information
  • So much more

These art projects for high school can be used in 5 different art classes, each class building on the previous. While geared towards a high school grade level, the Intro to Art curriculum can be started with middle school students. With 85 unique projects, your students will generate outstanding works of art to be proud of that you can display in or out of your art room.

❤️All of these art lessons and art projects are tried and true. Each of my courses builds on the last, so the students follow a progression of skills as they move from Introduction to Art to Drawing to Painting to Advanced 2D to AP® Art. This sequential art curriculum is an excellent option to bring to your school! If you follow this comprehensive art curriculum, you students will learn a range of art concepts and have a meaningful arts education.

Recommended teaching schedule for this visual arts curriculum:

✅Intro to art be taught to 7-10th graders

✅Drawing to 9th-11th

✅Painting to 9th-11th graders

✅Advanced art to 11th-12th graders

✅AP Art to 11th-12th graders.

Check out the preview for a closer look at this art curriculum, art lessons and art projects for high school students!

What teachers are saying…

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I appreciate how well thought out this bundle is! The written lesson plans are easy to follow and well organized, especially since this is my first purchase from TPT. She responds to any questions or emails I send promptly.” – Allison M.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “My students loved using this resource. I found it very engaging, full of knowledge, and helpful in meeting the needs of a variety of learners. I highly recommend using it in your middle or high school class!” – Tracy B.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I love the handmade design aspect of these lessons! The lessons are interesting and engaging for my students and the instructions are clear so I feel confident presenting. I also love that there is a rubric for each lesson.” – Allison J.

✳✳The Introduction to Art and AP® Art curriculums are packed with so much goodness the TPT website can’t handle them. You will download a PDF with instructions on how to download these folders from a Dropbox website. You do not need a Dropbox account to access them.✳✳

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