Visual Art Introduction to Art Notebook: Exercises, Handouts, & More



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This visual art notebook is what I use every year in my Introduction to Art class. The worksheets are designed for middle school and high school visual art students. It’s an easy way to help your students get organized, provide them with resources they can reference throughout the year, and keep everything together in one place.

All in all this is what is included: 

In addition to the above items, I also add blank paper, rubrics, and critique worksheets to the notebook. The blank paper is perfect for sketching and your students can add to it throughout the year.

With the editable table of contents, you can really make this your own. Add your own spin to it and personalize it for your course!

This art notebook is included in my yearlong Introduction to Art course.  Save money and time, you won’t have to plan a single day of the year or semester in your Introduction to Art class. 

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