Elements of Art Worksheets, Elementary, Middle School Art


These elements of art worksheets were designed with young artists in mind. Perfect for elementary or early middle school, 2 activities per element + posters.


This elements of art activity pack includes 7 art worksheets on the element of art, color (and colour), line, shape, space, texture, value, and form. It was designed with younger artists in mind, geared towards elementary art, lower middle school art, and primary art-aged students.

This elements of art pack is a virtual product. Once purchased you will receive a PDF with a one-click download to access PDFs of the art worksheets. These are easy to print or share digitally with students. 

Designed for younger artists this element of art printable pack is perfect to teach the elements, use as an art sub plan, use as an early finisher or fast finisher, or to introduce an element before an assignment.

Each elements of art activity includes:

  • Information on the front using text and visuals
  • Definition of the element
  • 2 activity choices (except for the color sheet) to gear for adaptive art or younger students
  • Printable poster version of the front of the handout
  • Color, colour, gray, and grey spelling versions

The back of the worksheet is full of activities for the students to complete to help reinforce the information covered on the front. 2 activity options are included on 6 out of 7 elements of art handouts. Perfect to introduce the element of art, use as an early finisher, or as a virtual learning option.

Also included in this pack is a simplified activity and poster version of the elements of art as another activity for young students and adapted art students to complete and display in your room.

This elements of art worksheet was digitally created by me.

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