12 Principles of Design Worksheets: Digital Art, Graphic Design Classes



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Teach your middle school art or high school introduction to design, media tech, digital art, graphic design, or design-based art students about the 12 principles of design. This handout covers how the principles of design are used to enhance a design. This bundle also comes with Google Classroom ready through editable Google Documents.

The following principles of design are covered in this pack:

  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Emphasis
  • Movement
  • Pattern
  • Proportion
  • Repetition
  • Rhythm
  • Typography
  • Unity
  • Variety
  • White Space

Students understanding of the various design techniques is tested on the back of the handout with activities. Students can cut and glue pictures on the back or digitally fill in the document using three different formats: Google Documents, Adobe InDesign or Adobe Acrobat Pro. Video instructions for digitally filling in the documents are also included to help guide students. This is perfect for distance learning.

In addition to four versions of each handout and two demo videos, a lesson plan, with big idea, essential questions, standards, vocabulary, and step-by-step instructions are also included.

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