Visual Art First Day of School Bundle Pack: Syllabus, Handouts, Contracts

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The first day of school is a whirlwind of introductions and hand outs. The information presented on the first day sets a tone for the rest of the semester or year. I have a number of handouts I use to help set the tone for my class. 
To my younger class I pass out a syllabus, letter to the parents, and behavior contract. With my older students I keep it simplier with just a syllabus. For all my classes, I pass out a get to know you sheet, artist to know sheet, and bathroom passes. 
With these documents my students and parents are very clear on how they are graded, my expectations for behavior, what the course is about, and that I want to get to know more about them. 
➢General art syllabus (2 pages)
➢AP 2D syllabus (7 pages)
➢AP drawing syllabus (7 pages)
➢Letter to parents (1 page)
➢Behavior contract (1 page)
➢Parent contact sheet (1 page)
➢Artist to know table (2 pages)
➢Bathroom passes (1 page)
➢Tell me about you (2 pages)
If each of these products were purchased individually, you would pay $18.00. You save almost 75% just by purchasing the bundle. This includes a both PDF (to maintain specialize fonts) and Word .DOCX (easy to edit) formats. 
TIP: The first day of school always involves handing out many sheets of paper that inevitably get lost in the bottomless pits of student backpacks. By adding a bright color, visual art reference, or other eye catching flair, students are more liking to notice, and keep up with these important documents. 
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