MS or HS Art Project: Visual Journal, Altered Book PowerPoint and Lesson Pack



Visual journals, or altered books, are a great continuous project for your art class. This art assignment is perfect for middle school or high school age students. The visual journals can serve as a weekly, monthly, or yearlong project. 
I teach this visual journal assignment in every class, every year. Every Friday, students have a visual journal day. They get to work in their altered books or to catch up on a project if they have been absent or have fallen behind. It gives my students space to create what they want to create and a break from our typical routine. 
All in all this listing includes:
✴ The PowerPoint presentation I use every year to introduce visual journals, or art journals, to my students. Which includes: 
➢Visual journal page examples
➢Basic how tos
➢Other tips and techniques for collaging and visual journaling in general. 
✴ Lesson plan, which includes:
➢A supply list
➢Step by step teacher instructions for implementation
➢A rubric
➢National standards.
Visual journals are always one of my students’ favorite projects of the year. It is a space for them to express themselves, experiment with materials, and take a break from regular projects.
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