Visual Journal Roll-a-Design Activity


Mix things up with visual journals in your elementary, middle, or high school art classes with this visual journal roll-a-design activity.


Check out a preview for the visual journal roll-a-design activity here: Roll-a-Design Preview Pack

Visual journals, or altered books, are a great continuous project for your visual art or English class. This art assignment is perfect for 4th-grade, 5th-grade, middle-school, or high-school visual art students. The visual journals can serve as a weekly, monthly, or yearlong project.

This product includes 3 printable roll-a-design activities to inspire a work of art. Students roll a die to get a number. In every step, the assigned number directs them to choose a certain color set, type of material, or layout. In addition, there is a printable poster of visual journal supplies you can print and display in your room. It’s modern, bright, and another way to inspire students to work in their visual journal or sketchbooks.

The poster comes in 24″x36″ and 11″x17″ sizes. Colour versions of the handouts and posters are also included.

Next time your student says they have no idea what to do in their visual journal or sketchbook, give them this activity to get them started.

This assignment is always my students’ and my favorite for the year. I have the chance to get to know them on a personal level and they get the chance to express themselves however they choose. It also frees up pre-planning for one day every week, you already know Friday is visual journal day. 

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