Mixed Media Art Project: Artist Trading Cards


Perfect for middle or high school art classes, teach mixed media by creating tiny works of art, artist trading cards. Quick, fun, and low supply.


This is an amazing mixed media art project I do with my Introduction to Art Students every year. They have to make 10 tiny works of art, on a 2.5″x3.5″ size card. At the end of the project they have the opportunity to trade their mini works of art with their classmates or you can join the international Artist Trading Card community, and mail cards to each other to trade. It is the perfect way for students to showcase their mixed media work!

This artist trading cards art project pack includes:

  • A thorough lesson plan (big idea, goals, essential questions, objectives, supply list, resource links, step by step implementation instructions)
  • PowerPoint with historical information and examples
  • Checklist printable for the students
  • Critique printable
  • Rubric printable
  • Easy to read display lesson plan

This mixed media art project lasts for approximately 7 class periods, depending on duration and frequency of your class times. Students are introduced to mixed media art, how to define the value of art, and not being afraid to experiment with unique art. 

The PowerPoint is the introduction to the mixed media project for art teachers to use with their students. It includes an explanation of what mixed media is, examples of different types of mixed media and media techniques, history and explanation of artist trading cards, examples, and the description of the assignment.

Media art projects are a fun way to get students interacting with their art. You will LOVE using this media lesson with your students as it gives them the opportunity to work with a variety of techniques.

This is the perfect project for varying levels of artists from late elementary school to high school.

  • This lesson is included in my Introduction to Art Yearlong Pack. The bundle is available at a discounted price and you won’t have to plan a single day of your school year in your Intro class.
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