Principles of Design Coloring Sheets Art Activity


Use these principles of design coloring sheets as a review, sub plan activity, or to create art posters to decorate your art room. Great for any grade level!


This principles of design coloring sheets packet includes 11 art activities focused on the principles of design. Perfect for elementary art, middle school art, or high school art classes use this to introduce or review the principles of design.

These are black and white, easy-to-print poster or worksheet sizes. The printable coloring pages and worksheets measure 24″x36″ (poster size), can be printed to an 11″x17″ (poster size), 8.5″x11″ (worksheet size), or printed full size on a large format printer.

These coloring sheets cover the principles of design including:

  • Contrast
  • Proportion
  • Pattern
  • Unity
  • Variety
  • Movement
  • Emphasis
  • Balance
  • Rhythm
  • Repetition

The packet includes a general principle of design poster and worksheet as well as individual posters and worksheets that represent each principle. A teacher key is also included in the pack.

The coloring pages are meant to serve as a fun review of each principle of design. Students color the posters in a way that best represents each principle of design. On the back of the posters are instructions to label examples of each principle (ex: standard proportion, symmetrical repetition, meander pattern, etc.). This activity tests their understanding of each principle of design.

The posters can be hung around your classroom after they are completed to serve as fun and educational decor. If you print the posters full size, have the entire class work on one version as a team-building activity.

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