3 Prompt Jar: Art Project Ideas


Looking to inspire your students with art project ideas? Grab these 3 prompt jars to focus on the material, subject, and a word to inspire the next art project.


This art activity is ideal for upper elementary art, middle school art, or high school art students to inspire their next work of art. Each prompt jar includes prompts relating to an art material, subject, or a word. Perfect for use in a visual journal, sketchbook activity, prep before a project, or as an art sub plan.

This art activity pack includes:

  • Teacher notes on implementing the guide in different ways (1 page)
  • Printable sheet with material ideas (1 page, 35 prompts)
  • Printable sheet with subject ideas (1 page, 34 prompts)
  • Printable sheet with word ideas (1 page, 38 prompts)
  • Art sub activity handout with supplies, instructions, and a checklist for students to follow (1 page)

This art idea activity is a perfect way to spark creativity and can applied in a range of ways. Have students randomly select one material, one subject, and one word. The students must use the art material, to create the subject, and use the word to guide the design, style, or to include in the work of art. Students can also pick two material-word or material-subject. If the material is already set have students pick a subject and/or material to inspire their work of art.

I love using this activity for visual journals. Visual journals are a perfect project for any middle or high school art class. Visual journals, or altered books, are my students’ favorite projects of the year. It is a space for them to express themselves, experiment with materials, and take a break from regular projects. It is a great project for middle school and high school-age students.

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