High School or Middle School Introduction to Art Yearlong or Semester Curriculum



This is what I use to teach my Introduction to Art courses every year. This bundle pack includes lessons, worksheets, and a lot more to fill every single day of a school year (can also be trimmed down to a semester long course). All you need are the art making supplies and you are set for the year!
I have taught high school Introduction to Art since I have started teaching art. I have tweaked things over the years, and every now and then I switch things out. This is a compilation of my favorite projects, my go to’s, everything you need to fill up every single day of a year long or semester long class. In addition to short activities and worksheets this includes 14 take home quality projects.
This file includes:
➢Yearlong timeline
➢Semester long timeline
➢First day items: syllabus bathroom passes, tell me about you sheet, art survey, letter to parents, artist to know table, and behavior contract
➢Art notebook set up: Table of contents and worksheets
➢20 lesson plans: includes big idea, essential questions, goals, objectives, supplies, vocabulary, step-by-step instructions, national standards
➢17 rubrics
➢6 critique worksheets
➢16 PowerPoints
➢42 worksheets: Includes elements of art, principles of design, visual journal, drawing, color theory, perspective, contour line, and many more.
In addition to all the content between the 20 lessons every proficient level national standard is covered as well as 6 accomplished level and 1 advanced level national standards. If each of these items were purchased separately it would cost $186.00, this is a steal for having little prep to do during the school year. 
Read more details on the lessons included below:
Drawing Unit:
➢3 contour line exercises
➢3 shading exercises
➢2 line quality excercises
➢2 grid drawing exercises
➢1 perspective project
Painting Unit
➢3 color theory exercises
➢1 color matching project
Sculpture Unit
Mixed Media Unit
➢1 design your own project
I hope this Intro to Art unit will engage your students as much as they engage mine. 
This product is so packed with amazing stuff the TPT website can’t handle it. Once you purchase this bundle you will get a PDF document with instructions and a link to dropbox to download the bundle. E-mail me at with any issues.
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