8 Principles of Design Worksheets, Activities, Posters for Middle or High School Art



Check out a preview of the principles of design worksheets here: Principles of Design Worksheet Preview Pack

This visual art worksheet and activity pack covers the nine principles of design in eight handouts. The principles of design sheets references the elements of art as students learn to use the elements and principles to construct successful works of art.

Designed for upper elementary, middle, or high school art students, each handout includes information on the front and activities on the back. They can be used as early finishers, to accompany projects, as a review of the principles of design, or as posters to decorate your classroom.

The following principles of design are included:

  • Balance
  • Emphasis
  • Unity
  • Variety
  • Rhythm
  • Movement
  • Repetition and Pattern
  • Proportion

Colour and color spelling are included of each art worksheet.

The back of each worksheet is full of activities for the students to complete to help reinforce the information covered on the front. It is the perfect activity to introduce a project, create a base of art knowledge, and fill extra time with meaningful work. In addition to the worksheets, with handwritten, typed, color, and black and white versions, there are also poster versions of every worksheet front.

Use this worksheet pack for substitute days, for early finishers, or to test your students’ understanding of the principles of design. 

  • This handout can be printed, copied, and filled out by hand; or it can be opened on a tablet and filled in using a stylus.
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