Figure Proportions Printable Posters and Handouts


Teach your art students correct figure proportions and tricks with this pack of figure proportion printables with posters and handouts.


Check out a preview of this facial proportions printable pack here: Figure Proportions Printable Preview Pack

Teach your elementary, middle, or high school art students about figure proportions with these printable posters, handouts, and guides. Creating correct human proportions can be challenging for students to understand. Teach them easy-to-understand ways to draw the figure using measurement guides.

This product includes 2 printable posters, 2 drawing guides, 1 proportion quick guide, and 1 gesture drawing how-to. The posters come in 24″x36″ and 11″x17″ sizes.

  • Figure proportions printable poster
  • Head measurements poster
  • Head measurement handout
  • How to draw a figure printable guide
  • Adding details to a figure guide
  • Gesture drawing handout

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