Zentangles Worksheet Bundle for Elementary, Middle, or High School Art



Check out a preview of this zentangle worksheet pack here: Zendoodle Pack Preview

Zentangles are one of the most useful and versatile art worksheets to have on hand and activities to do. Students can practice, and explore patterns, shapes, and design. It can be assigned to those speedy artists who finish their project early or it could be a whole class fun art exploration day. The designs can be used to decorate pottery, visual journals, and so much more. It’s applicable to students in elementary, middle, high school, and beyond. You are never too old to Zentangle.

This printable worksheet back provides numerous resources to teach your students how to practice and create zendoodles. The worksheets include pattern examples, step-by-step instructions on creating patterns, two worksheets on how to put multiple designs together to create a larger zendoodle design, and how to incorporate color into the design.

The front of each worksheet shows step-by-step instructions for creating zentangle-inspired designs. Each worksheet also includes a back with instructions and space to practice the techniques. Two of the worksheets include an additional back option, to color in the design shown on the front.

This product listing is for nine front and back Zentangle how-to worksheets formatted as an easy-to-print PDF.

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