AP© Art and Design: Everything You Need for Sustained Investigation & Selected Works



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This AP© Art and Design (Advanced Placement Art) bundle pack includes everything you need to help your students complete the sustained investigation and selected works sections of the AP© Art portfolio. This is everything you need to teach every single day of the school year in AP© Art and Design and it has been fully updated to reflect the new AP coursework.

This bundle pack includes everything you need from spring the year before you start AP© past your submission deadline. In addition to a timeline, handouts, presentations, and more to walk you and your students through sustained investigation and selected works, there are 14 projects students can select from at the beginning of the year to teach them the art-based inquiry process.

Included in this bundle pack:


  • Spring AP Art bundle pack which includes:
  • Parent info sheet,
  • Student info sheet
  • AP Art application
  • Summer assignments
  • Acceptance letter
  • Student/parent agreement form.
  • Summer work

AP Art timeline and supply list:

  • Ways to prepare the spring semester before you start your AP year.
  • Supply list for each project
  • Basic info for the 14 projects students complete during the fall semester (including descriptions and artist exemplars)
  • Additional tips and guidelines

AP Art first day of class bundle pack:

  • Syllabus for both 2D Design and Drawing
  • Sticker chart
  • Sustained Investigation and Selected Works checklist
  • Yearlong calendar timeline to help guide and keep you and your students organized.

Introduction Information pack:

  • 2D vs. Drawing PowerPoint
  • What is inquiry-based art making? PowerPoint

Homework bundle pack:

  • 22 assignments handouts
  • Teacher instructions
  • Guiding questions handout (to go along with their sustained investigation homework assignments)
  • 6 homework assignments based on guided projects that introduce students to investigation and inquiry-based art.
  • 16 homework assignments to complete during first and second semesters to get them started and keep them researching, inquiring, investigating, practicing, experimenting, and reflecting for their sustained investigation pieces.
  • Plus 6 bonus sketchbook assignments that focus on general art topics and mediums to push your students to continue to develop their techniques.



  • Sustained investigation lesson plan (including big idea, essential questions, goals, vocabulary, national standards, supply, list, step by step instructions, and more.)
  • 2D Design sustained investigation Info sheet
  • Drawing sustained investigation Info sheet
  • 17 Homework assignments for the semester
  • 2D Design sustained investigation presentation (with examples)
  • Drawing sustained investigation presentation (with examples)
  • Drawing evaluation sheet
  • 2D Design evaluation sheet
  • Guiding questions handout
  •  Self-evaluation sheet
  • Sustained investigation project checklist
  • 2D Design checklist
  • Drawing checklist
  • Critique reminders sheet
  • Sustained investigation rubric
  • Sustained investigation timeline and teacher tips
  • AP Art sticker chart
  • 2D Design vs. Drawing portfolios explanation


  • Selected works lesson plan (including big idea, essential questions, goals, vocabulary, national standards, supply, list, step by step instructions, and more.)
  • Selected works PowerPoint (with examples)
  • Selected works checklist
  • Selected works Info Sheet
  • Selected works timeline and tips
  • Submission timeline and guidelines
  • Selected works Rubric
  • AP Art Exhibit blank invites (in JPEG, PDF, and .DOCX formats)

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AP© Art and Design is one of the most rigorous AP courses to take and teach. Give yourself a break and get everything you need already tested and prepared for you here. Focus on guiding your students in their work rather than preparing presentations.

Interested in advanced-level art projects? Check out my Advanced 2D and Drawing curriculum here. This  can also be used as guided assignments for your AP Art class. This is a perfect alternative guided assignment pack for students who take AP Art more than once.

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