Color Theory and Color Mixing Worksheets



Color theory and color mixing is an important first step in any painting art project whether the students are in elementary, middle, or high school art classes. This pack of color mixing worksheets and activities will help you teach this important skill to your students.

The worksheets cover a range of topics including the primary and secondary colors, complementary colors, and the use of warm and cool colors. They also provide opportunities for students to practice color mixing and creating their own color schemes. These worksheets are a great addition to any art curriculum and provide a hands-on, interactive way for students to learn about color theory.

These three color mixing worksheets make the process quick and informative by providing a blank color wheel, color schemes, gray scale, and space to paint neutral colors. Each worksheet also includes clear instructions on how to fill it out, little prep is required. All you need are the primary colors, red, blue, yellow, and black and white paint. 

Your students will LOVE completing this color mixing worksheet as they experiment with different colors. They are a fun way to have students experiment with color combinations.

Check out a preview of these art worksheets here: Color Theory Mixing Preview Pack

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