Earth Day Art Project: Assemblage Sculpture Lesson


This assemblage sculpture lesson is perfect as an Earth day art project or as a sculpture project any day of the year. Students use found objects to create beautiful 3D works of art.


This Earth day art project focuses on found objects to create an assemblage sculpture. The recycled material makes this prefect to celebrate Earth day or teach any other day of the school year (the Earth is always important!). Teach in elementary art (5th grade as a class project), middle school art (small group), or high school art classes (in pairs or individually).

2 presentations are used to introduce assemblages and give an overview of the project. Research and brainstorming activities help students plan their assemblage sculpture. Critique activities help students get feedback to improve their works of art.

Included in this sculpture assemblage art lesson are:

  • Lesson Plan with big idea, essential questions, middle and high school national standards, step-by-step instructions, vocabulary, and supply list
  • Introduction PowerPoint
  • Artist research activity
  • Brainstorm activity
  • Project steps PowerPoint
  • In-progress Critique sheet
  • In-progress Critique activity
  • Rubric

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