High School Sculpture Curriculum: Clay and Sculpture Semester Unit


Get everything you need to teach a sculpture and ceramics course with my semester-long high school sculpture curriculum. Both clay, leather, mixed media, reeds, and more lessons are covered.


This high school sculpture curriculum pack includes everything I use to teach my high school-level introduction to 3D art course. Included are 7 take-home projects, plus one collaborative project, a visual journal, sketchbook, activities, sketchbook assignments, critiques, and more to help students grasp three-dimensional concepts for using clay, leather, glass, tissue paper and reed, packaging tape, and mixed media.

You will not have to plan a single day of class for an entire semester with this art lesson plan pack. 

Items included in this zip file:

  • Semester-long timeline
  • Supply list
  • Syllabus
  • Get to Know you handout
  • 6 student handouts
  • 4 teacher aid handouts
  • 11 lesson plans
  • 13 PowerPoints
  • 11 rubrics
  • 8 critique sheets
  • 1 How To Video

This lesson plan pack is also great to use in a middle school sculpture class or the lessons could be taught in your own order, mixed in with other art courses.

In total there are over 500 pages of handouts, lesson plans, PowerPoints, and everything you need to teach for a semester. If purchased individually this would cost $68.00. If purchased all together it only costs $40.00.

  • Each of my classes builds on the last. This sculpture course builds on the lessons and techniques introduced in my Introduction to Art course. Check out the yearlong curriculum here.
  • My painting class also builds on my Introduction to Art course, check out the semester-long curriculum bundle here.
  • My Advanced 2D Design and AP Art classes build on the lessons and techniques taught in my painting class. Check out the next level in my Advanced curriculum (available at a bundled discount) here.

Below are links to the individual products included in this bundle. In addition to these products are items that are not included on Teachers Pay Teachers (such as the syllabus, supplies list, final project, etc.)

  • Accordion sketchbook lesson here.
  • Glass fusing here.
  • Tissue paper and reed lanterns here.
  • Food traditions ceramic project here.
  • Collaborative clay relief sculpture here.
  • Pottery wheel lesson here.
  • Tape-person installation art project here.
  • Coil vessel lesson here.
  • Hand-building clay project on pinch pot whistles here.

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