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4 End of Term High School Art Class Ideas

Read 4 tips to make life less chaotic at the end of your middle or high school art classes.

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Colored Pencil Portrait

Learn what techniques I use to create a colored pencil portrait and how I teach this lesson to high schoolers. Part of the organization The Memory Project.

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Portrait Painting Project Tips & Tricks

Check out my high school self-portrait project. Learn about my struggles with portraiture and the tools I use to teach my students.

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Linoleum Relief Printmaking Basics + Colored Pencils

Printmaking is such an interesting and historic art-making process. My students especially love it because they have the ability to make multiple prints of one image. They often refer to the linoleum block in relief printmaking as a “stamp,” which I have an irrational hatred for. Somehow calling it a  “stamp” lowers the artistic value…

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Birch Tree Fused Glass Plates

Fused Glass Paint: Birch Tree Dinner Plates

Learn how glass paint can help add amazing details to your fused glass work. Supplies, how to, and details included.

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Visual Journal Page 30: Postsecret Projects

As a teacher my goal is to create a sense of community in my classroom. Although the majority of the time my students work on individual projects, I still want them to respect, interact, and grow with each other. Often my projects focus on teaching and refining skills such as drawing, painting, and building with…

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