Starting Visual Journals: Tips, Techniques, Ideas, & Instructions for Creating an Altered Book


Learn how to start and work in visual journals, or altered books, whether you are an experienced artist, new creative, or a complete novice. Jump in, work through the guides, experiment, and have fun!


Visual journals, or altered books, are a great continuous project to express yourself and learn new techniques. This art assignment is perfect for an experienced artist, creative dabbler, or complete novice. As a former art teacher, this was one of my favorite projects to introduce to high school students. If they can do it, so can you, and you will love it!

This project is a space for experimenting with materials, self-expression, release some creative energy, and more. It is very open-ended and is all about mixed media and collage. Have fun, experiment, and use it as an actual journal.

This bundle pack includes everything you need to get started. You will get instructions, supply list, technique handouts, prompts, and more to get started in visual journals.

This pack includes:

  • 11 back and front worksheets about various materials and how to use them (including collage, painting, lettering, India ink, image transfers, etc. tips and techniques)
  • Visual journal overview and instructions
  • Suggested supply list
  • 87 prompts to help inspire you
  • 3 roll-a-design sheets to get you started in your journal.

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