Ideas and Instructions for Visual Journals, Art Journals, or Sketchbooks: HS, MS


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Visual journals are my students’ favorite project of the year. It is a space for them to express themselves, experiment with materials, and take a break from regular projects. It is a great project for middle school and high school age students.

When you start this project your students may be overwhelmed by the many blank pages in their books or sketchbooks. This worksheet is a great guide for how to develop ideas for their visual journal, art journal, or sketchbook.

The worksheet covers ten tips for coming up with ideas and starting pages, including, using quotes, song lyrics, personal photographs, and keeping lists of life events.

On the back of this how to worksheets are a range of visual journal examples. Each example is numbered with the method used on the front. If you have the resources to print this on the back of the worksheet for each student, it is a great visual guide. If you are tight on color printing you can project this image while explaining the project or print a single version students can look at.

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