Rules of Composition Lesson General Art, Design, Photography


Teach your middle high school art students an important art technique with this rules of composition lesson pack. General art, design, and photo included.


One of the basics of teaching art is teaching the rules of composition. This pack includes presentations, reference guides, and activities. This rules of composition lesson covers general art, design, and photography classes.

All in all included in this rules of composition lesson pack:

  • Lesson plan with big idea, vocabulary, US national standards, and instructions
  • General art composition presentation with examples
  • 2 general art reference guides
  • Composition activity
  • Composition checklist that can be used for any art project
  • Design-focused composition presentation
  • Design reference handout
  • Design composition checklist
  • Photography composition presentation
  • 2 photo composition handouts
  • Checklist that can be used with any photo project.

The general art pack includes a PowerPoint presentation, 2 versions of a composition guide, 1 composition practice activity, and a checklist. The general art composition rules included are focal point, rule of thirds, rule of odds, cropping, overlapping, direction, and rest.

The design pack includes a PowerPoint presentation with examples, a reference guide, and a checklist. The design-focused rules of composition included are hierarchy, focal point, rule of thirds, complementary elements, white space, repetition, alignment, balance, and proximity.

The photography pack includes a PowerPoint presentation, two versions of a printable handout/worksheet showing the seven rules of composition in digital photography, and a checklist to use with any project. The composition rules included are focal point, cropping, leading lines, framing, repetition, balance, and rules of thirds. The handouts are formatted to a black and white and color version. In addition, there is an assignment worksheet with project instructions and a rubric.

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