Introduction to Design Curriculum: Graphic Design, Digital Art, Adobe Suite Projects



Check out a preview of this introduction to design curriculum here: Introduction to design curriculum preview

This introduction to design, graphic design, digital art, or media tech curriculum is designed for middle or high school art students and includes every single thing you need for every single day of class for an entire semester. This art and design curriculum focuses on introducing students to a variety of design-based careers and projects through the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

Rather than worrying about planning and prepping, focus on helping your students and guiding them in their designs. You won’t have to plan a single day with this curriculum.

In this design curriculum, students learn Adobe Creative Cloud Express, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Students deep dive into industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, cover design, and learn about interior design, landscape architecture, game design, furniture design, urban design, and magazine layout.

This curriculum includes:

  • Semester timeline overview
  • Syllabus and get to know you handouts
  • Elements of design worksheets
  • Principles of design worksheets
  • Design board layout tops
  • Composition tips
  • Design exhibit information
  • 10 projects completed by the end of the semester

Projects include:

This class can be taught using printables or it can be taught 100% digitally and paper-free. All in all, there are almost 700 pages of pure art and design project gold in this bundle.

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