4 Low Tech Photography Projects for Middle or High School Art


This lesson pack includes 4 low-tech photography projects. Great for any classroom whether you use DSLR cameras or cell phone cameras.


This digital photography bundle pack includes 4 easy to implement projects ideal for a low-tech photography class. A range of assignments are included from quick photo prompt activities to a photography research assignment to a focus on social commentary.
These 4 projects are included in my cell phone semester-long photography course but aren’t included in my Intro to Photo or https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/DSLR-Digital-Photography-II-or-Advanced-Photography-Semester-Long-Curriculum-5135068Advanced Photo curriculums.
This curriculum was designed specifically for low-tech classes that use simple digital cameras or cell phone cameras. Rather than focusing on the technical side of a camera instead, students are tasked with lighting, subject matter, and composition to create successful photographs.
All in all the below items are included in the bundle. Each lesson includes an artist exemplar, critique, activities and more.
Photo Prompts Activity
Stop stressing about planning assignments for your photography class. Put the focus back on teaching your students by having everything you need to teach already prepared for you.
Interested in teaching DSLR photography? Check out my six-week DSLR photography crash course, semester-long Introduction to DSLR photography curriculum, and my Photography II semester-long curriculum. Lessons from this bundle are in my Photo I and Photo II curriculums.
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