Visual Journal Page 69: Basic Crafts

I finally reached the end. I reached the end of my journey, the end of my first visual journal. I worked cover to cover until every page was filled with my life.

This journal, this book, reflects one year of my life. It is a snippet of who I am, my struggles, gains, quirks, and life events. A lot of time and effort went into chronicling my life happenings, into creating images, trying new techniques, and working through successes and failures. I had reached the end; I finally reached the point I had been working towards since the minute I started.

I should’ve been excited. I did feel a huge sense of accomplishment, but I was sad. It was the end, what would I do now? The answer was simple, I was going to find another book, another base to hold my life, my future events. I would soon be on the hunt for the perfect book once again.

One of my friends decided to try out visual journaling after she saw mine. She also went out, and carefully selected a book. After awhile I checked up on her progress. She had created her first page, and she said it was a dedication page to the book. She said she didn’t feel right changing the book without first recognizing it. That stuck with me, and for my last page that is exactly what I did.

The book is the most important part. It is the base, provider, the shell for your artwork, reflections, and venting sessions. I carefully selected this book and it inspired numerous pages. It allowed itself to be transformed from it’s original intent to an object that reflected me. Every page was changed; every piece of the book was altered into something new. I couldn’t have accomplished this project without this book.

Because of that, I wanted to end with a page dedicated to my book. I wanted to include the pieces that I saved from it, and create a new page from its former insides. From the moment I picked up this book it inspired me, and I wanted to take a moment and thank it for doing that. I couldn’t have done it with you.


  • Visual journal
  • Rubber cement
  • Scissors
  • Book pages
  • Sharpie


To create this page I used only paper and images that I pulled from the book. I held onto anything I thought was interesting as I covered up each page. When I decided to create this final dedication page, I kept everything I took out of the book, just in case I needed it later.

I pulled out my favorite pieces, cut them out, and collaged them. My favorite piece that I found was a black key. Since this book was the key to this project, I put it to the side, and emphasized it by gluing ripped up pages behind it.

To finish my final page I wrote my words with sharpie. It was bittersweet writing them in, but it did feel good. Thanks for inspiring me… It was as simple as that, and I truly meant it.


Create a dedication page for you book. Put it in the beginning, middle, or end. The placement is up to you. Make sure you only use items from your book to create the page.

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