Junk Journal Course: Semester of Activities

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I just released my semester-long visual journal, junk journal course. With this lesson pack you get one lesson a week complete with handouts, demo videos, and more. Get visual journal ideas, sketchbook activities, and more. Check out details on what you get with this visual journal, junk journal course below.

Junk Journals:

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This course is designed for artists or art teachers. As an artist, you can learn new junk journal ideas, techniques, and more. Work at your own pace through the 18 lessons included in the online art course.

As an art teacher, you can use these videos weekly in your classes. I teach visual journals in every art class, every Friday students in every class work in their books. I focus on teaching new techniques in my intro-level art classes. My upper-level art students get to choose the content and technique they want to focus on that week. Play my videos at the start of class on Friday, pass out the technique guide, and let students work independently. Give yourself a break and let me teach your art class!

Lesson Packs:

In this art journal online course you get immediate access to 18 weeks of content. Work through the content at your own pace and rewatch videos at any time. Each week work through a lesson pack. The packs include:

  • Instructions, overview of the focus that week
  • 15-30 minute demo video
  • Project guide, with instructions on applying the techniques taught
  • Checklist

This course is designed for artists, homeschool parents, or art teachers. Artists can get an in-depth explanation of techniques and materials. Homeschool parents and teachers, simply play the video for your students, pass out the guides, and let them get to work. Teachers, you sit at your desk, catch up on grading, and let me teach your class.

Weeks 1 to 4:

  • How to select and prep a visual journal book
  • How to start your first page
  • Ideas and inspiration to get started
  • Collaging tips and techniques
  • How to incorporate text into a page

Weeks 5 to 8:

  • Creating a magazine fade
  • How to use acrylic paint
  • How to use India ink
  • How to use bleeding tissue paper

Weeks 9 to 12:

  • How to create a tape transfer
  • How to create a bubble print
  • How to create a Mod Podge image transfer
  • Roll-a-design 1 activity

Weeks 13 to 16:

  • Using watercolor
  • Paint pens and Sharpies
  • Easy printmaking techniques
  • Roll-a-design 2 activity

Weeks 17 and 18:

  • Using botanicals in your journal
  • Combining magazine images

You can purchase the art journal, junk journal course through ThriveCart here. Read more information, look at a preview of the handouts, and more on my sale page here.

Stay tuned for more 4-week junk journal packs coming soon! Interested in a more hands on option for homeschoolers and virtual learners? I offer these courses through Outschool here. Don’t forget to follow me on InstagramTikTok and FacebookSubscribe here to get updates and info straight to your inbox. Until next time!

2 responses to “Junk Journal Course: Semester of Activities”

  1. What is the difference between this course “Visual Journal, Junk Journal Course: Semester of Activities” and “Semester Long Visual Journal Course for Artists, Art Teachers?” Thank you!

    • Hi, Tanya! Thanks for reaching out!

      So sorry for the confusion! They are the same thing, the “Visual Journal, Junk Journal Course: Semester of Activities” is a blog post that gives information about the product and links to the product page in my shop. The “Semester Long Visual Journal Course for Artists, Art Teachers” is the product page in my shop, but you have to click to ThriveCart to purchase. I like to share blog posts about new products that give more in-depth information. What makes it confusing is buyers have to check out through ThriveCart to access the course rather than my website. Other product blog posts link over to my website shop page where they can purchase… with this one it links to the product page which links to ThriveCart making it quite the process!

      I hope that makes sense! I didn’t even think how that could throw people off when they are on my site!

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