Visual Journal Page 54: Wedding Registry

I knew the wedding registry was going to be a fun, stress free part of wedding planning. I couldn’t wait to go out and pick out gifts for other people to give us. I was constantly keeping my eyes peeled when I was out shopping, always flipping through magazines, and perusing store websites. I loved planning out our house decor, place settings, and all the amazing appliances I couldn’t wait to use.

A lot of things were going on during our very short engagement, wedding planning, house hunting, and trying to survive my first year teaching. As a way to connect house hunting and wedding planning together I created a page about our seemingly endless search for our house (view the post here), and cut out a window that was on the outside of the house, so you could see through to this page. To tie it together I created a kitchen on this page, with a window on the wall that connected to the window on the “outside”. As much as I loved preparing our wedding registry I was always thinking in the back of my head… now we just need a place to put it all… which truly inspired the connected pages.

To create this visual journal page all I used were magazine cut outs, rubber cement and sharpie. I endlessly searched through magazines and pulled images of things I wanted, things I had already registered for, and layered and overlapped them. When collaging multiple images you need to make sure you cut close to the objects you are cutting out, including any area that could show the background, even if it’s inside the object. It also helps balance the image when you have a variety of shapes and sizes, even with multiple images you need a focal point to draw the viewer’s eyes in. After collaging everything I added words and dots with sharpie.

CHALLENGE: Create a collage using only magazine images. Try to find a balance between using multiple images while still maintaining a focal point.

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