Visual Journal Page 53: House Hunting

As I have said before… house hunting can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. When we first started looking for our house, I couldn’t have been more excited. That excitement quickly wore off as I realized that things can look perfect on paper but in reality be nothing what you expect.

Nick and I were on a timeline, we needed to find something in a couple of months in order to get Obama’s first time buyer incentive money. This meant that we were house hunting practically every weekend, multiple times a week, whenever Brian wasn’t with another client he was with us. We looked at so many houses in such a short period of time that the houses started to run together. I couldn’t remember which one was where, with what yard, what issues, how many bedrooms. Eventually we did find our house, we did settle in, I was a happy camper once again… but until then it got a little scary…

To create this visual journal page I used magazine images, rubber cement, and sharpie. I wanted to splice together images of different houses to emphasis the point that I couldn’t keep them separate in my head. I also wanted to include a skyline, to reference the fact that we were house hunting in Atlanta. I was excited to come across landscape plans, this was important because I felt like the exterior of the house was just as important as the interior, especially since Nick is a landscape architect and wanted a space he could actually do something with. I ended up cutting out the windows of the spliced together house, to lead to the next page… a page about our wedding registry. To finish off I added the words with sharpie.

CHALLENGE: Splice together magazine images, photographs, or print outs. Cut at least two images in strips and alternate them.

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