Visual Journal Page 45: The Bridesmaid Dress


Exactly one week after I got engaged, I bought my wedding dress. I went to one store, tried on a few dresses, got an idea for the style I wanted, and attended a bridal show the following weekend. I tried on a couple of dresses there, not finding much, until I put my dress on. I loved it as soon as I looked in the mirror. I was afraid to commit, but at the same time, I couldn’t take it off. I stood in the mirror for a little too long, girls kept walking by, complimenting me, eying my dress; but I wasn’t going to let them have it. I eventually took it off, we bought it, and I took it home that day.

My wedding dress was a piece of cake. The bridesmaid dresses, however, were a different story. I didn’t want anything that looked “bridesmaidy.” No pink taffeta, crazy bows, poofs, odd lengths, and unflattering styles for me. I dragged my wonderful mom and sister to no less than 10 different stores. We tried every bridal store in town and every dress-carrying store in the mall. Yet, the search was still on.

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses you can run into issues because you want a reasonable price, a flattering style, and something that will make everyone happy; and with eight bridesmaids I was feeling a little stressed. I finally settled on a pretty dark brown, cotton dress from J. Crew. I didn’t feel the instant love when Christy put it on and modeled it for me. Instead, I felt a bit of defeat. It was cute, it would look nice, it would do. I didn’t dislike the dress, in fact, I really do love it. We had a beautiful wedding, but by the end of the process, I didn’t really care. I just needed my bridesmaids to be clothed. The dresses were by far the most difficult art of the wedding planning process, but it did get done, and as everyone says, I really think they will be able to wear it again.


To create this page I used magazine cutouts, masking tape, and a tape transfer of a magazine image. Masking tape creates a nice, semi-transparent, neutral background. I decided it would be fun to play around with layering the tape and I liked the texture and pattern it created because it was interesting but not overpowering.

  1. I saved pictures of bridesmaid-looking dresses until I had eight because I wanted to represent each of my bridesmaids. I decided to cut them out and mix and match them because it reflected how I liked pieces of dresses, yet none of them were perfect.
    1. I also wanted to include a wedding dress, because that is what I thought would be the challenge, but it needed to be secondary to the bridesmaid dresses, so I did a tape transfer (to find out how to do a tape transfer (check out a quick overview on this technique here).
    2. To complete the page I placed tape over the model’s heads from the journal page, I did this so they could represent any of my bridesmaids.
    3. I then added words using a sharpie, and to make it more playful I used a variety of fonts.


Create a visual journal page that incorporates masking tape. Use it as a background, a place to add words, or cut it out, layer it and create an image out of it!

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