Visual Journal Page 17: POW! Right in the Kisser

Sometimes I wonder as Nick and I are walking through the grocery store, if people think we are crazy. We are a very goofy couple. We are constantly messing with each other, calling each other names, Nick fake hits me, I fake hit him, sometimes I wonder if people think we are an abusive couple. It makes me laugh, and it makes me wonder.

Everything can be turned into something fun. We constantly get off track when we are running errands, talking about this and that, and look at this thing we don’t need. Life is a game, we have a lot of fun together.

One of our long standing jokes is to fake punch each other and say “POW! Right in the kisser!”. It’s stupid, I don’t even know where it came from, it’s silly, but silly is fun. I can’t even remember who said it the first time, where we were, what we are doing, or what one of us was thinking to start the game. Despite that, it has lasted, so far it stands the test of time, and it continues on.

We have gotten to the point where sometimes we randomly exclaim our “POW! Right in the kisser” for no reason at all. People must think we are crazy.

One day as I was flipping through my old, donated LIFE magazine, which I had already used and abused, I stumbled upon this wonderful article about an upcoming boxing match. I hate to admit it, I didn’t read the article, but my eyes ate up the pictures. Man in tight white pants featured in the right corner, man in tight black pants in the left, ready to fight, who will win, the anticipation will last a lifetime, frozen in print. Both were shirtless, with their belly buttons consumed by high riding pants. They were serious, hands up, stern looks, they were ready to fight, and they looked ridiculous. A picture reel began rolling in my head, with tight, white pant man and tight, black pant man standing next to the sweaty, ripped, glaring, shorts, and shirtless boxers of today’s generation. They wouldn’t stand a chance.

These two boxers found a spot in my mind, their images dug a hole, and stayed. I kept coming back to the picture until it clicked. They were as ridiculous as Nick and me, as ridiculous as our saying, as ridiculous as our errand running games, they embodied our saying. They were our “POW! Right in the kisser” fighters.


  • Visual journal
  • Rubber cement
  • Scissors
  • LIFE magazine images
  • Red construction paper
  • White paper
  • Colored pencils


Although I knew this page would be relatively simple to put together, I still wanted to make sure it had a strong visual impact. I started with the boxers, and carefully cut around their shoulders, tight pants, and tall boots. Next, I used colored pencils and drew out my words and comic book style background. I wanted to push the idea of a comic book, because in my mind, these men could only belong in a fictional story. Once my colored pencil drawing was complete, I carefully cut around the edges. I decided to use red construction paper to bring attention to the words and men, so I decided to leave a white border around my pop art design behind the words to help it stand out.

Once everything was set, I began working on the background. I cut wide stripes of red construction paper. I laid them out, and decided I wanted more, but I didn’t want to completely cover up the book page. My solution was to alternate between thin and wide stripes, which created a more interesting pattern. I carefully placed them, evenly spaced them, and began gluing them down. When I have images or paper going off the page, I always glue it down, with the excess hanging off of the edge. Once the page is 100% complete, I go back, and cut around the edges. This way I know it will be cut perfectly to fit the page.

Once all of the strips were laid down, I placed the “POW” in the center of the converging strips. I played with the placement of the “right in the kisser” until I settled on placing it in the right hand corner. Last but not least I glued the guys down, and my silly, Nick and Whit, game playing page was complete.


Create a page about a silly saying or game. It can be from any point in your life, as a child, teenager, college student, or adult! Reminisce and have fun!

I hope you liked today’s post! If you are interested in seeing my other LIFE magazine inspired visual journal page click here. Help me spread the word about crafting, visual journals, and creative past times with others. Tweet, like, share, digg, comment, subscribe, what ever you like best! Thanks for stopping by!


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