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Visual Journal Page 60: School Year Wrap Up

                            I survived my first year as a teacher. It was stop and go for awhile, but I made it to the end. As you go through school, student teaching, talking with veteran teachers, they tell you each year gets easier, the…

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Visual Journal Page 58: Our House

  I knew that eventually Nick and I would find our home… and we did. It took a couple of months of constant searching, disappointment, and frustration, but we found it. By the time we made our way to check this house out, I had mentally prepared myself to be let down. I saw it…

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Visual Journal Page 54: Wedding Registry

I knew the wedding registry was going to be a fun, stress free part of wedding planning. I couldn’t wait to go out and pick out gifts for other people to give us. I was constantly keeping my eyes peeled when I was out shopping, always flipping through magazines, and perusing store websites. I loved…

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Visual Journal Page 53: House Hunting

As I have said before… house hunting can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. When we first started looking for our house, I couldn’t have been more excited. That excitement quickly wore off as I realized that things can look perfect on paper but in reality be nothing what you expect. Nick and…

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Visual Journal Page 45: The Bridesmaid Dress

THE STORY Exactly one week after I got engaged, I bought my wedding dress. I went to one store, tried on a few dresses, got an idea for the style I wanted, and attended a bridal show the following weekend. I tried on a couple of dresses there, not finding much, until I put my…

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