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Watercolor beach path

Visual Journal Page 61: Watercolor Path

A visual journal page about Hilton Head Island, my family’s summertime vacation spot. Visual journal tips, how tos, and ideas included.

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Visual Journal Page 54: I’m Already Lonely…

A visual journal page about learning the art department at my school was being downsized by half. The bad economy was making it’s way into my classroom…

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Visual Journal Page 52: Hummingbirds

A visual journal page about a dream I had about hummingbirds and how it came to life the next day.

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Visual Journal Page 42: Step Outside of the Box

This visual journal page is inspired by high school students. I currently am a high school art teacher and it was difficult returning to the halls of a high school, interacting with teenagers hyped up on hormons, and constantly being reminded of all the things I learned as I walked these halls almost ten years…

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Visual Journal Page 41: Scratch, Scratch, Scratch…

This visual journal page, like many of my visual journal pages, is based off of a work of art. This began as an example for a scratchboard project, and turned into a mission and a failure. It was trying, exhausting, tedious, rewarding, therapeutic and in the end I gave up. Scratchboard is an assignment I…

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Art: The 6×6 Series

Explanation of how my 6×6 series came to life. The series “Snapshots” is just that, single images the capture my life, thoughts, and memories.

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