Art: The 6×6 Series

Snapshots- The Progression of the Telephone

After working large scale for the past five years I decided it was time to try something new, and downsize. Fueled by my desire to live off of my art and sell more art on Etsy, I began looking into cheaper ways to make art in order to make it more marketable to the masses. I didn’t want to lower the integrity of my work, so the best way to achieve this was to go small. I made a trip to my local art supply shop and picked up 6″x6″ panels.

I knew I wanted to continue experimenting with mixed media and encaustic waxes, and it didn’t take long for me to realize I could combine my love for visual journals and painting into one work of art. I turned to my bin of pattern paper and began cutting, ripping, and layering. I loved the flattened look I could create by using sections of patterns to create a sky and ground. From there I began incorporating silhouettes, and my 6×6 “snapshot” series came to life.

Snapshots- Chicken

These images are meant to be snippets, snapshots of life. They reflect my life, thoughts, memories, and fleeting images that have found spaces in my brain. I look for interesting shapes, appealing images, and something that brings to mind a story. This idea of a story doesn’t mean it has to have a beginning and an end, it is simply a section and snapshot.

One of my favorite things about this new series is how they can come together to say something. By grabbing a chicken, bicycle, and pinecone, and hanging them in a group, something begins to emerge. Somehow these images reflect me, my past and present me, and it says something. I also love that I can sell them for $35. Anyone can afford a one-of-a-kind work of art, a Whitney original. There is nothing more special than finding a piece that speaks to you, knowing that someone put their thought and time into it, and having something one-of-a-kind decorating your home. I hope as Etsy, craft fairs, and other methods of selling art become more popular more people realize how accessible the art world is.

Snapshots-The Progression of the Bicycle

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2 responses to “Art: The 6×6 Series”

  1. Mike Rubbo says:

    I found your blog because I have a google search set up on bike art. I love the layout of your blog, the colors, the pasting, the balance, it’s all pretty near perfect, and makes me want to redesign my own. But that’s some much work that I probably work. The little 6 by 6’s are delicate and desirable, but I crave figures.

    I’ve set myself to explore the beauty of the body on the bike, treating the bike as a posing devices for humans. Thus, I’ve no interest in the types of bikes most popular, speed machines. Nothing against such bikes, but the way they scrunch the figure into repetitive foetal positions, means I keep away. I take my inspiration from Europe mostly

    • Thanks for your feedback on my blog design! I have tried out a few different designs, until I settled on this one, and I always like to hear that other people are enjoying it! I also appreciate your comments on my 6×6 pieces. I love the lines in bicycles, and I love the way you incorporate the figure into your artwork. It creates a greater sense of movement, my bikes compared to yours look very stagnant. Here is a link to his bicycle art if you missed it in his comment above:, it’s definitely worth checking out!

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