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Visual Journal Page 60: When a Door Closes

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon. The weather was just right, it still felt like spring despite the hot month of June looming ahead. I got home from work, and headed straight to the backyard to enjoy my hammock. As I stepped into the grass my phone began to ring, an unknown number, I knew…

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Visual Journal Page 59: Thank Yous

It had been a few days since my interview. A few agonizing days of not hearing back. I knew it would be at least a week, after all I was the first interviewee, and they had 2 more to interview the remainder of the week. Despite this knowledge the days passed slowly, I checked my…

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Visual Journal Page 58: School Year Wrap Up

I couldn’t believe it. I was at the end, the end of my second year teaching, the end of my first year teaching AP Art, the end of my first year heading up the art department, and the end of a stressful, crazy, busy, yet very rewarding year. My classes were already wrapped up, projects…

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Visual Journal Page 57: Teaching Rewards

It was the end of my second year teaching, things were beginning to wrap up, and the feeling of relief was beginning to show as I finished grades, projects, and started shutting down my classroom for the summer. All in all my second year teaching was a fairly good year. I built wonderful relationships with…

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Visual Journal Page 56: Yellow Plate Day

I believe that everyone has their quirks. Everyone has some little routine, task, or object that makes them feel a little better, a little more balanced. I am a self proclaimed routiner. I live for my routine. I enjoy doing things in a certain order, taking care of my “little tasks”, as Nick so lovingly…

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Visual Journal Page 55: I Wish I Knew

Everyday I walked into my school, went about my day, taught a lesson, helped with a project, showed another PowerPoint, and moved on. It was like clockwork, I was going through the motions, but as my body seemingly moved without thinking, my mind was somewhere else. I had interviewed for another job at another school….

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