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Visual Journal Page 68: Pillow Clothing

One of my favorite sources for interesting and beautiful images are my Anthropologie catalogs. Anthrop0logie is one of my favorite stores, all of their clothing is different, yet stylish. I drool over the unbelievable store front displays as I walk in, setting the tone for the rest of their products. As I enter an Anthropologie…

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Visual Journal Page 67: Find Humor in Art

As I have expressed in past posts, I love street art. Not too long ago I had the opportunity to interview a well known, and very talented street artist, Chor Boogie. I loved the way his artwork makes walls come alive, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more about his creations…

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Visual Journal Page 65: Thunderstorms Help Me Sleep

  I would take a good thunderstorm over a beautiful, 72 degree, sunny day, any day. There is something about the feeling of a storm. The sense of it moving in as the air suddenly drops in temperature, the swish of the wind through the trees, and the sudden stillness in between. The drizzle of…

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Visual Journal Page 64: Finding Green

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, after all I am an artist, but I am terrible at picking wall colors. I love going to the paint aisle of hardware stores. It’s all metal, wood, industrial, until you hit the paint section. Suddenly bright colors, nice aesthetics, a more feminine side of a typically masculine…

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Visual Journal Page 63: Hand Built Furniture

Nick and I were very blessed to received many amazing gifts on our wedding day. We were overwhelmed with the amount we received, and it helped us fill our house and start our wedded life together. However, while unwrapping gift after gift, we couldn’t help but notice a common theme, cutting boards. While registering for…

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Visual Journal Page 61: Walking Down this Path

Hilton Head Island is my second home. When I think back to my childhood many of my memories stem from this small island off the coast of South Carolina. Learning to ride a bike, collecting sea shells, playing games, and as a teenager trekking down to the Marriott to meet boys. Since I can remember…

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