Tape Person Sculpture Project: Installation Art Lesson


This tape person sculpture is my most popular sculpture project. Perfect for middle school art or high school art class, check out this installation art assignment.


This installation art project is a fun introduction to sculpture and site-specific art. I teach this in my Introduction to Ceramics and Sculpture course. This lesson is perfect for upper elementary, middle, and high school art classes.

Students create life-size human form sculptures using nothing but their bodies, scissors, and packaging tape. It is a group project and requires at least two participants to construct the sculpture. For distance learning, virtual learners, or homeschoolers this is a low-supply project that could be a fun family project.

This lesson pack includes:

  • Lesson Plan with big idea, essential questions, national standards, step-by-step instructions, vocabulary, and supply list
  • PowerPoint
  • Rubric
  • Critique sheet

My students love the chance to put artwork in the school in an unusual way. It really pushes them to think about the purpose of different spaces, and how they can highlight that through art.

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