Middle, High School Art: Sketchbook Prompt, Class Opener or Bell Ringer Activity


Complete bell ringers in your art class with a daily sketchbook prompt. Take 5 minutes every day in a semester with this 90 sketchbook prompt pack.


Check out a preview of this sketchbook prompt pack here: 90 Sketchbook Prompts Preview

Sketchbooks are an important foundation for practice and free play for visual art students. This daily sketchbook prompt activity is perfect for middle and high school art classes. It includes everything you need to teach a daily sketchbook prompt as a class warm-up or opener or as a bell ringer activity. All you need is 5 minutes.

This daily sketchbook pack includes 90 prompts explained on PowerPoint (or PDF) slides to display at the beginning or end of class. This is enough prompts to cover every single day in an eighteen-week course or weekly in a year-long art class. These 90 sketchbook assignments are also perfect for a middle or high school art class as homeworkemergency sub plans, or early finisher activities.

This sketchbook pack includes:

  • Lesson plan
  • Teacher notes
  • Sketchbook prompt presentation
  • Prompt checklist

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