Colored Pencil Drawing Art Project: Unexpected Beauty Lesson



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This drawing assignment focuses on building drawing techniques and introducing colored pencil techniques. Students are asked to think outside of the box for their image by staying away from traditional “beautiful” subject matters (flowers, sunsets, etc.) and find a way to turn something not typically viewed as beautiful into a work of art.

In addition to learning colored pencil techniques, students are also introduced to artists in the Impressionism movement, who also pushed the boundaries of what is considered beautiful. They build a connection from historical examples to modern examples by researching a modern still-life artist before starting their drawing assignment.

All in all this lesson pack includes:

  • A lesson plan (with a big idea, objectives, vocabulary, national middle and high school art standards, and step by step instructions on implementing the project)
  • PowerPoint to introduce the assignment with project examples
  • Artist research worksheet
  • Critique sheet
  • Comment sheet
  • Rubric

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