Kindergarten Art Lesson: Pointillism Tree


This Kindergarten art lesson is the perfect way to teach color mixing and patterns. This Pointillism tree project can be adapted for older students too.


This kindergarten art lesson is geared toward younger elementary art students. This art lesson pack focuses on color mixing and pattern to create a Pointillism tree painting. Students are introduced to primary colors, secondary colors, and basic shapes.

Students design their mixed media work of art using blue paper, brown crayons, yellow paint, blue paint, and Q-tips. Older students can use a black marker to add a fancy wrought iron fence. Students create one-of-a-kind paintings by having choice in the design of their fence and style of their tree.

Kindergarten Art Lesson Pack Includes:

  • A thorough lesson plan (big idea, I can, goals, essential questions, objectives, supply list, resource links, step-by-step implementation instructions, 4 pages)
  • Teacher notes with specifics on setup and classroom management (1 page)
  • Project how to (2 pages)
  • Warm up wrought iron fence activity (2 pages)
  • Demo video (7 minutes long)
  • 2 Presentations (22 slides)
  • Pointillism early finisher activity (2 pages)
  • Project checklist (1 page)

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