Introduction to Photography: Cell Phone or Basic Cameras, Distance Learning Art



This Introduction to Photography bundle pack includes everything you need to teach every singly day of an entire semester in your photo class or distance learning art or photo class. This includes everything from the syllabus to an end of semester photography exhibit set up, learning the camera and techniques projects to printable display posters.

This curriculum was designed specifically for low tech classes that use simple digital cameras or cell phone cameras. Rather than focusing on the technical side of a camera instead students are tasked with lighting, subject matter, and composition to creating successful photographs.

There are 16 photography based projects, 12 critiques, 10 artist research assignments, a history of photography series, photographer research project, semester timeline, how to set up a class blog, and more.

All in all the below items are included in the bundle. Each lesson includes an artist exemplar, critique, activities and more.

First day of school documents (syllabus, equipment contract, tell me about how, camera organization and more)

Photography Journal assignment

How to set up a class blog orgoogle classroom

Blind Photography lesson

Your World lesson

Family Heritage lesson

Elements of Photography and Rules of Composition

Abstract or Life in Color lesson

Make the Ugly Beautiful Project

Photo Safari lesson

Introduction to Portraits lesson

Environmental Portraits lesson

Photograph that Changed the World Research Project

Social Commentary on Coronavirus Project

Conceptual Photography lesson

➣Conceptual Choice lesson

➣Additional projects: Constructed Landscapes, Photo Prompts

Artwork display tips

Stop stressing about planning assignments for your photography class. Put the focus back on teaching your students by having everything you need to teach already prepared for you.

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