High School Drawing Curriculums: 4 Drawing Focuses Courses, 2 Years of Art


Get everything you need to teach every single day of 2 years with this drawing mega bundle. This includes 4 high school drawing curriculums, each course designed to build on the last.

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Check out a preview of this high school drawing curriculums pack here:

Cover 2 years of art classes with this 4-semester high school drawing curriculum bundle, perfect for middle or high school art students. While the advanced drawing course is better suited for a high school art course, the intro to drawing and drawing I courses are perfect for lower high school and upper middle school art classes.

Save time and money by purchasing these curriculums at a discounted price as a bundle. Every single day is planned in 4 semester-long drawing courses. Check out the details below:

Introduction to Drawing:

  • Semester-long High School Drawing Curriculums Preview Pack timeline
  • First day items: syllabus bathroom passes, tell me about you sheet, art survey, letter to parents, artist to know table, and behavior contract
  • Art notebook set up: Table of contents and worksheets
  • 11 lesson plans: includes big idea, essential questions, goals, objectives, supplies, vocabulary, step-by-step instructions, national standards
  • Project rubrics
  • Critique worksheets
  • PowerPoints
  • Worksheets: Includes elements of art, principles of design, visual journal, drawing, perspective, contour line, and many more.

Read more details on the lessons included below:

Drawing I Curriculum:

  • First day of school handouts: Syllabus and Tell me about you worksheet
  • Belgian Bookbinding Sketchbook
  • Shading Review: graphite pencils worksheet, shading general worksheet, hatching worksheet, cross-hatching worksheet, stippling worksheet, scribbling worksheet
  • Personalized Still Life
  • Technology and Art: Creating a GIF
  • Introduction to Charcoal Drawing
  • Metaphorical Self Portrait
  • Self Portrait Scan, Social and Political Art
  • Unexpected Beauty Colored Pencil Drawing
  • A Day in the Life of… Scratchboard
  • Printmkaing and Portraits
  • Design Your Own Final Project

Drawing II Curriculum:

  • Timeline with project overview and pacing
  • Supply list with project supply breakdown and a comprehensive list
  • First day of school handouts: Syllabus, Tell me about you worksheet
  • Visual Journal Lesson
  • Saddle Stitch Sketchbook
  • 9 Sketchbook Assignments
  • Positive and Negatives Space Collage Project
  • Value Study Activity
  • Variations on a Theme, Series of 3 Project
  • Charcoal Architecture Project
  • Inviting Change Printmaking Project
  • Robert Longo Self Portrait Project
  • Design Your Own Final Project

Advanced Drawing:

  • Course Syllabus
  • Tell Me About You worksheet
  • Semester-long timeline
  • Supply list for all 7 projects
  • Sketchbook project
  • Visual journal project
  • Altered Self Portrait project
  • Six Word Memoir portrait project
  • Man vs. Nature Prisma drawings
  • Social Commentary project
  • Mini sustained investigation

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