Year Long Advanced High School Art or Semester AP® Art Projects Curriculum



Check out this advanced high school art curriculum here: Advanced High School Art Preview Pack

This bundle pack is every single worksheet, presentation, project, rubric, and critique sheet that I hand out for my advanced level high school art course, you won’t have to plan for a year. This is a year-long art class, and is the final visual art course before students can move into Advanced Placement® (AP®) Art.

These projects are advanced level and this unit is easily modified to options for AP® Art guided assignments. This is enough to fill a year of advanced art classes, everything you need to teach every day, or it can be split into an advanced drawing semester and an advanced painting semester. In AP® art students choose 5 out of the 14 projects to complete as guided assignments to teach them about inquiry based art making.

Other than gathering supplies, presenting the projects, and grading the work, you will not have to plan anything for your advanced level course for an entire year or your AP® Art course for half of a semester.

All in all this art unit includes:

  • Course Syllabus
  • Tell Me About You worksheet
  • Yearlong timeline
  • Supply list for all 14 projects
  • Guiding questions handout for AP® adaption
  • 14 completed projects
  • 10 Lesson plans
  • 9 PowerPoints
  • 4 handouts
  • 2 printable posters
  • 9 sketchbook handouts
  • 8 critique sheets
  • 10 project rubrics

Included Projects:

Each of my classes is designed to build on the last. This curriculum builds on the lessons and techniques taught in my Drawing and Painting courses. Check out my Painting class curriculum (bundled for a discount price) here.

The foundation of a strong art student are built in Introduction to Art. My Drawing and Painting classes build on Intro, which all lead to Advanced. Check out my yearlong Introduction to Art curriculum (also bundled at a discount here.

Teaching AP® Studio Art? Check out my yearlong AP® Art curriculum. It includes information for sustained investigation and selected works sections. Spend time focusing on guiding your students rather than planning the next lesson. Everything you need for to prepare and once the year starts!

These are some of the individual lesson plan packs that are included in this bundle:

  • Check out my mini concentration lesson plan here.
  • Check out my advanced art freebie, artwork rework, lesson plan pack here.
  • Check out my advanced level hyper-realistic food study lesson here.
  • Check out my advanced level acrylic and science painting here.
  • Check out my advanced level colored pencil and surrealism assignment here.
  • Check out my advanced level charcoal self-portrait assignment here.
  • Check out my advanced level altered self-portrait here.
  • Check out my advanced level sketchbook assignment here.
  • Check out my advanced level mixed media project here.
  • Check out my social commentary artwork lesson plan here.

Check out my other lesson plans here.

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