Fall Art Project: Autumn Leaf Painting


This fall art project was designed for elementary art students to create a mixed media autumn leaf painting using crayons, markers, and watercolors. Celebrate the fall season while teaching important art techniques.


Teach your elementary art students the basics of positive and negative space, overlapping, and using color to create contrast through this fall art project. Students will create an autumn leaf mixed media painting. 
Although this was designed as a second-grade art project it can be used in 2nd-5th grade art classes (even adapted for early middle school classes!). The mixed media project uses pencil, crayon, sharpie, wet-on-wet watercolor techniques, and marker to create a beautiful and seasonal work of art. 

This fall art project pack includes: 

➣Lesson plan (including essential questions, objectives, vocabulary, national standards, step by step instructions, and so much more)
➣3 PowerPoint presentations (also in PDF format) to show at the beginning of each class as an introduction, review, and to display step-by-step instructions. 
➣Images from artist exemplar, Horace Pippin
➣Checklist rubric
➣Reflection worksheet
Teach your visual art students how to combine a variety of elements of art and techniques into one beautiful work of art. 
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This product was created in collaboration with my amazing, wonderful mother, Anne Ward. She is a retired elementary art teacher of over 30 years. She has a wealth of knowledge in the art education field and still teaches private lessons, summer sessions, and acts as a resource for her former school county. My mom is the reason I became an art educator and now I am so excited to team up with her so she can help inspire other art teachers!


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