Cubist Collage Art Project for Elementary, Middle & High School Art


Teach your elementary or middle school art students about Cubism and mixed media with this Cubist collage art lesson. Lesson, presentation, & more included.


Art history is an important part to include in any elementary, middle, or high school visual art class. This collage art project and art lesson focuses on the history of Cubism and using it to inspire a Cubist collage mixed media work of art. Your students will have so much fun creating these works of art.

In this art assignment, students will create a Cubist collage using images from magazines and newspapers. They then redraw their own collage adding a Cubist style. Mixed media is used to add detail to the final work of art. This project has students use a variety of techniques and is perfect for an assignment toward the end of the semester for any age group.

All in all this Cubist and mixed media collage art project and lesson pack includes:

  • A lesson plan (with a big idea, objectives, vocabulary, national middle and high
  • school art standards, and step-by-step instructions on implementing the project)
  • Cubism Intro PowerPoint
  • List it, sketch it activity
  • Collage tips handout
  • Project PowerPoint
  • Project instruction handout
  • Critique sheet
  • Critique labels
  • Rubric

Your supply list for this collage project includes basic collage materials (liquid glue, scrap paper, magazine images, construction paper, tissue paper, etc.) The final result of this project will leave you and your students speechless as they produce unique and different designs!

Every art teacher will LOVE including this great art project in their curriculum as they teach collage techniques to their students. It is a creative way to get students thinking outside the box when coming up with collage ideas.

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