Art Display, Exhibit: Display Tips, Editable Student Labels


Use these easy-to-reference art display handouts with 5 arrangement styles plus editable student labels in Word and PDF formats. Student or teacher lead.


Displaying your student work is an incredibly important part of being an art teacher, but setting up a strong art display can be challenging. Showing the school community, students, and parents the amazing work being created in your classroom is the best way to advocate for your program. Encourage your high school art students to design their own art display or use as a reference for new ideas or parent helpers.
However, displaying artwork can be a time-consuming process. These handouts help show successful and appealing art display layouts and include tips to apply to every display. In addition, a student label template is included in .docx and PDF formats for you to use to add an even more personalized touch to your display.
Use this guide for yourself, parent liaisons, or other helpers to help create consistent and visually appealing displays.
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