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Fused Glass Plates: Backyard Chicken Decor


I very rarely make art for myself. Typically, I will put together pieces for gifts, commissions, or they are immediately added to my Etsy shops after their creation. When I began dabbling in the world of fused glass, it was no different. Everything I make goes straight to Crafted Westside, or my Sweet Celadon store. One day, while developing a fused glass lesson for my 3D II class, I decided it was time to be selfish. I was going to make a set of chicken plates all for me.


While touring the annual Stacks Artist and Loft tour in Cabbagetown, Atlanta, GA, I discovered a stained and fused glass artist, Susan McCracken. She had amazing fused glass plates of fish, foxes, and other animal assortments. You could see thin lines where she pieced the background around the forms, to create a two layer fused piece. Immediately, the wheels began turning in my head, and I decided to make a lesson out of it.

Richard Parker

I began experimenting with the process of cutting the background around the object, by making a rooster plate. It was inspired by my then rooster, Richard Parker, a Rhode Island Red. He has since found a new home, with a lot more land and hens. If you look closely, you can see the thin lines that mark the cut lines.


After success with my rooster plate, I decided to make a plate for each of my chickens. It was a great way to hone my glass fusing skills and decorate my home. After completing Richard Parker, I took on Amy. I bought a sheet of glass with a mix of oranges and yellows, to match her Buff Orpington colors as close as possible.

Thackary Binks

After Amy was complete, I began on Thackary Binks, my Barred Rock. I love her black and white patterning, and I found the perfect glass pattern to mimic it. This plate is my favorite out of the set. I love the movement of the chicken bending over, the pattern turned out just right, and she has so much character (in real life and in the plate).


I waited as long as possible to take on Wendall, my Ameraucana. She has the most complicated patterning out of all three chickens, and it took a bit of planning before I could get started. I carefully cut small black triangles, for her black neck, tail, and wing feathers, and intermixed them with orange and the mottled orange glass. While I struggled to piece everything together, I was happy with the end result. I think she looks the least chicken-like of all three plates, but this is my Mom’s favorite of the set, which makes me feel better about the end result.


The Wendall plate has the most obvious cut lines showing.

So far, I have taught the glass fusing and piecing lesson two times. Both times the students have been very pleased with the end result. They have created a range of designs from elephants, to sailboats, to under the sea scenes. My students love the glass fusing process, and I hope to continue to include it in my lesson plans in the future. Check out my glass fusing set up and lesson plan here.

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Arts and Craft Fair: Whimsical Wares in Marietta, GA

IMG_1789 copy


It is time for art and craft fair number two, at the annual Whimsical Wares show in Marietta, GA. Over the summer, Debbie, one of the co-founders of the show, reached out to me about including me in their 18th Whimsical Ware show. I loved her enthusiasm, the setup sounded easy, and a portion of the sales is donated to CURE Childhood Cancer. How could I say no.


I quickly decided I would commit to the show, and began putting together a variety of fused glass and encaustic pieces to display. Despite being sandwiched between two shows I was already committed to, I decided I could make this fit into my schedule as well. One of the main reasons I was able to commit, was because of the low commitment required of the artists. I am excited to attend the artist meet and greet on Thursday 11/14/14, from 6-9, but am glad Debbie, Helaine, and other volunteers are taking care of the rest.

marist craft fair

This past Sunday, I set up my items, and headed home. The show opens today 11/12/14 (from 9-5) and runs through Sunday 11/16/14. I am not required to be present for any part of it, and in return, they get a percentage of all sales. It gave me time to prep for my next show, at St. Pius X Holiday Marketplace on 11/22/14, and regain some energy after a very busy beginning of the month. Last weekend was spent at the Marist Holiday Traditions festival, which was a huge success. However, I am in need of a weekend at home, and am thrilled I can participate in another event, while being able to do that.

Whimsical Wares Artwork

I have a wide variety of items, and prices, at the Whimsical Wares festival. I have fused glass plates, bowls, and slumped bottles that range in price from $8.00-$48.00. I also have mixed media, encaustic paintings that range in price from $50.00-$650.00. One of the newer items have I begun offering are matted prints of my mixed media, encaustic letters, at only $15.00 each.


I have enjoyed putting together all of my fused glass pieces. I have nest designs on bright colored backgrounds, birch tree plates, and geometric designs. I am also in love with the slumped, antique coke bottles, which are perfect for spoon rests.


My 6″x6″ encaustic paintings were one of the most popular items at the Marist Holiday Traditions show. I love seeing people connect with the different imagery, tying a memory or special moment to the various objects.

IMG_1791My backyard chickens are an endless source of inspiration for my artwork, and I can’t seem to keep my chicken paintings in stock. These are the latest chicken themed paintings I have completed. Real chicken feathers are encased in layers of wax, with oil painted chickens on top. These both measure 12″x12″.

Whimsical Wares House

The Whimsical Wares show is currently open in an adorable retail space at the intersection of Johnson Ferry Road and Paper Mill Road, in Marietta, GA. Check it out, take care of some holiday shopping, and help CURE Childhood Cancer buy making a purchase.

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Fused Glass Paint: Birch Tree Dinner Plates

Birch Tree Plates

For the last two years I have been experimenting with fused glass with my high school students, and for personal use. I immediately fell in love with the puzzle like method to piecing together my designs. My high schoolers always claim this assignment as one of their favorites. The forgiving nature of glass creates a very predictable outcome (to read more about my fused glass lesson check it out here).

After I got a handle on fused glass basics, I decided to branch out and see what else glass making had to offer. In my pursuit of fusing knowledge, I discovered glass paint. It opened a whole new world of adding design to my pieces, and I have loved every minute of experimenting with it.

Birch Tree Plate Small

Glass paint enables you to easily add organic shapes and designs to your pieces. I now use glass paint to scribbles bird nests, write words, and add the thin lines to my birch tree plates.

To create my birch tree plates I begin with white glass, black and white or blue glass, and a sheet of clear glass. I cut the clear glass to a 10″ circle, then cut strips of white and black glass. I lay them on top of the clear, then cut the edges to curve along the edge of the circular, clear sheet. I alternate the white, for the birch trees, and the other color, for the background. A couple drops of Elmer’s glue helps keep the glass in place as I work.

Birch Tree Plate Back Small


Once the clear sheet is filled with the stripes, I flip it over, leaving the clear on top of the striped pattern. I use black glass paint to paint thin lines on the white glass stripes, to add detail to the trees. Every now and then I scribble a tree knot before moving onto the next set of thin lines.

Birch Tree Plate Large

After the details are added I place the glass piece in the kiln, stripes on the bottom, clear sheet in the middle, and glass paint details on top. I fire the kiln up once, to fuse the glass to one layer, then set it in a mold and fire the glass a second time. The glass melts just enough to take the shape of the plate mold.

To read more about the necessary supplies to start glass fusing and get my firing schedules go here. Check out these plates in my Etsy shop here.

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Craft Fair: 16th Annual Wesleyan Artist Market


It’s the week I have been preparing for, for the last few months, it is Artist Market week!

I’m so lucky to work at a school that offers opportunities to promote my artwork, like the Wesleyan Artist Market. Last year I felt very accomplished as I packed up my booth, a good 30 pieces shy of what I came in with. I hope to be just as successful as I was last year, and since then I have added a lot to my inventory.

Here is a sneak peak of what I will be offering this year. Prices range from $5.00-$750.oo, offering a lot of options for all size and depths of wallets. With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, and Father’s Day in the not too distant future, this market is a great opportunity to pick up gifts and plan ahead. Support local and handmade and come visit!


Last year my biggest seller were my encaustic letter paintings. A collage of pattern paper, a layer of encaustic wax, and an oil painted letter come together to create these personalized works of art. Unfortunately, due to time constraints I was limited on how many letters I was able to bring in. On the first night all my vowels sold, which meant I could no longer display cleverly spelled out words.


This year I started letter painting in advanced, and have the entire alphabet created. In addition, I have also scanned every single letter I made, and had high quality prints made. The prints are the same size as the original, 6″x6″, and are matted in either 8″x10″ or 8″x8″. I hope these prints will help meet the demand for the letters. The $10.00 price per letter will also allow people to more easily buy a few, spell out words, or hang an initial for each member of their family. These prints will also make an appearance on my Etsy shop soon!


In addition to the re-appearance of my letter paintings, I also have my 6″x6″ silhouette paintings, at $35.00 each. These were my second biggest sellers, and I hope the range of images I have picked will appeal to the crowd once again. I love to focus on old and vintage in these pieces. The encaustic wax inherently creates a hazy, dreamlike surface to my paintings, and the vintage items pair well with the wax.

Antique Photo Collages

A new item I am offering this year are my re-purposed antique photographs. While at an estate sale I discovered an entire table full of 1920’s photographs. Something about the antique cars and stiff looking portraits appealed to me, and I decided to use them as part of a new encaustic series.

To create these pieces I layer paper, the photograph, and add a thick layer of wax on top. The hazy wax blends the layers of photographs and paper together, creating a cohesive look. In the future I envision the original photographs hanging next to silhouette transfers of the originals, with bright colors popping behind them. It will be a comparison of old and new, breathing new life into old photos. Be on the look out for these in the future!


I will also have larger encaustic paintings, a few from last year and a few new ones. The new encaustic pieces I am working on focus on sketching. Lines are carved into the wax, and filled with oil paint. These range in subject matter from chickens to chairs, and range in price from $250.00 to $450.00.

Birch Tree Encaustics

In addition to my sketch encaustics I also have antique silverware paintings, ginkgo leaf collages, and lots of birch trees!

Fused Glass

Like last year I will once again put out a handful of my fused glass pieces. I have my traditional geometric style as well as my new pieces, which incorporate my new obsession, glass paint. I have nest and birch tree themed plates and bowls using the paint to add the details. Whatever doesn’t sell this weekend will make its way to my Etsy shop, Sweet Celadon.

I hope to see a nice crowd this weekend, I hope you stop by! Thanks for checking out my blog, help me spread the word by sharing with others! Check out the line up of entertainment and food trucks at the Artist Market here.


Craft Fair: 2014 Wesleyan Artist Market

wesleyan   The 16th annual Wesleyan Artist Market is coming up next week, May 1st-May 3rd!

I’m incredibly excited to be involved in this wonderful program again this year. I am blessed to work at an amazing school and have opportunities like the Artist Market. Not only will I have the space to display and sell my work, but the 25% they take from the total sales goes back into the Fine Arts department at my school. In my two short years working at Wesleyan School I have already had glass supplies, plants and picnics tables for a garden outside of my classroom, and a brand new outdoor kiln funded by the Artist Market.

Last year I sold over 30 items, and I hope to be just as successful this year. At my booth I will have a variety of size and priced encaustics, including letter and silhouette encaustics, and fused glass, similar to my offerings last year. In addition, I will be introducing new items, from my “sketch” series (the boat painting below is one in the series), and letter prints for just $10 apiece.


Be on the look out for another post next week detailing the items I will have for sale.

If you live in the Atlanta area clear out your schedule and check out the Artist Market, located at Wesleyan School: 5405 Spalding Drive Norcross, GA 30092. Festivities will be held in Yancey Gymnasium. This year there will be over 90 artist booths, refreshments, entertainment, and activities for children (the children’s market is Saturday morning). Read more on the flyer below! Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope to see you at this year’s Artist Market! Help me spread the word by sharing with others. Thanks for stopping by! [subscribe2] xlg-artist_market_2